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Talking to Mark Manwaring of LA office as well as Sean Lance of our Riverside office, I noticed sales reps are always asking the same question lately: What is going on with me? What is going on with Realty DataLink?

I decided it is time to stop delaying the development of this online site with an advanced communication solution, including this forum, blogs and online newsletters.

We are in a critical time in our industry we love and have worked so hard to get where we are at. Agents are coming and going; old ones are packing up, retiring (some RUNNING away) to other countries even. New Agents who are coming in are either clueless or young talented "Agent 2.0" types that know what they are doing and require guidance, solutions and support.

Either way, it is still just as important to have us around as two years ago, except with this positive interpolation: In the past when homes used to sell themselves, it was difficult to convince Agents they need the technology I have been offering for years. Now that things have gotten crazy, Agents who are serious know that using the Internet and making content managed social networking sites, blogs and email drip campaigns are some of the ONLY ways they can stay in business and succeed.

My team and I have put together some of the most effective solutions from Web 2.0 style websites, CMS, Search Engine Optimized solutions all the way to Real Estate video blogs and tours. The day I warned all Agents about when I used to teach classes for First American Title has arrived. Agents are finally willing to listen, and we have to capitalize on that by providing them with solutions they need in return for their loyalty and business.

Thanks to the Department of Insurance and the strict RESPA rules and regulations they are all quickly finding out that no one will give these solutions to them for free any longer. This is also good news for us. Because we can finally turn other outfits in when they try to give solutions away for free in return for their title business. Instead, we can provide them with cost-effective solutions we can prove will work for them and remind them the reason they are getting these cost-efficient tools is because of their affiliation with all of you.

So get out there troops and let them know about all the solutions my team and I are offering. Let them know I am available to speakt at their office meetings and that the days for having complicated solutions that cost so much and do not really produce results are over. They need solutions that are effective, cost-efficient and most of all, simple enough to learn so it does not cost them so much time to master.

I will be posting more on these subjects here but let this forum become our communication board for all First American solutions we offer (specially our EagleXpress) and for you to post questions/comments to me.

Much respect to all of you and I hope all is well.


Fred McCubbin

I was very excited to complete another video blog for a customer of ours. Most Agents have not yet begun to unleash the power of video blogging, and it is mostly because they do not know its value and impact as of yet. Most Agents are still skeptical when it comes to spending anywhere from $250 to $500 per video project, especiallywhen the times are rough and that amount may very well be their monthly auto gas budget!

- Projects such as these Video Blogs using green screen technology required a green screen room, proper lighting and very expensive software. They would therefore cost up to $2,000 in the recent past. Now, thanks to the advance in vector key technology it can be done right at your home or office using a simple green screen back drop, and a couple of halogen work lights bought from Lowes or Home Depot. I found a nice lime green color cloth at Walmart that was on sale for $10/yard. Very easy do-it-yourself setup. If you don't want to bother making a frame for this homemade green screen, you can simply use green duct tape to keep it secure on a wall or door until you are done. The rest takes clever green screen software which I won't lie is pretty expensive and takes time to master. You will also need a very good high-definition camera to shoot the footage properly. So instead of going through this hassle, it is much easier just to pay $300-500 to a professional company to do it all for you.
Now the
real question: WHY would I need this in the first place? Well let's see. For one, it is a great recruiting tool for brokers/managers. If you are an Agent, it is a great tool for communication and social networking online with your customers as well as your potential sphere. Today, the name of the game is effective websites. Websites that can be found online. The name of the game is also MASS search engine placement in multiple forms of social networking. Whether it is through online social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn or sharing feeds like RSS, Twitter, digg, and so forth, blogging and mass feeds have quickly become one of the most effective ways of getting people to find you and read what you have to write on your blogs or websites. A couple of years ago, Real Estate blogs were the uncharted new frontier for Realtors and have created fantastic results for top producers.  
Currently, Agents from all over are traveling hundreds of miles to seminars (such as the bloghound blogs) which teach them how to unleash and harness the true power of these blog style sites. Now imagine if a picture is worth a thousand words... just how many words a video is worth? With blog style pages becoming easier to use and embed video links into... Why would we NOT want to use them? The best part is we are finding more FREE video hosting places today. Sites such as Wellcomemat, YouTube, DailyMotion, MotionBox, Google Videos, Yahoo Videos, etc. are making it easier every day to post our own videos or share videos we have had a professional outfit make for us and share them with the world for free. And they all come with their own search engine friendly formats for adding keywords and descriptions we want our videos to be found under.
The result? Well, here is an example reel on our Video site. I rest my case :) Get ready to move out virtual tour... make room for Video tours and blogs... the future of Real Estate is now!

***Video courtesy of LorenMason***

Esquire Magazine current issue features a E-Ink enabled front cover. Just imagine what could be done with this technology when it comes to what we do with our flyers for homes, presentations and high end marketing packages.

As you all know I had started hosting an online Realty radio show in the form of pod-casts at  This show was generously sponsored by several affiliates and was doing great for the year of 2006.

Due to the company changes and difficult events that followed in the year 2007, we had to put the Radio show on hold.  Then my horrific motorcycle accident at the end of 2007 pretty much caused the Radio show to be canceled.Realty Talk Radio

It is my pleasure to inform everyone that I have started the website with our new improved content managed Joomla format and will be recording my Realty Talk Radio shows again soon for your listening pleasure.

I plan to maintain the same fun format we previously used to keep the show informative, educational and filled with interviews with special speakers in the industry.  We will not have many live shows as in the past.  Most of these new ones will be pre-recorded pod-casts.  Nevertheless, you will find them as useful and helpful in your everyday endeavors.

The website is still and this time I will have a fantastic new co-host named Julie Carlson with whom I will also be doing fun Real Estate video blogs.  Stay tuned fans... The "Talk" is coming back!  Be sure to spread the word.




dsc00008After 10 years in the Motion Picture industry, California entrepreneur Fred McCubbin has seen it all. He has prospered in the real estate challenges we have every day! After producing two films and Post Production work on numerous union and non-union projects, Fred decided to move from Los Angeles, away from the hectic Hollywood life style and began his Real Estate IT coaching and training company in the Palm Springs area.  Being from a family of Real Estate Agents, Fred joined the multitude of real estate agents in the early '90s and began training and consulting regionally in Southern California for First American Title, a fortune 300 top leading title insurance company based out of Santa Ana, CA.

He quickly made affiliations with great industry speakers such as Walter Sanford, Jason Hartman and Mark Leader, and based his farming and contact management classes to reflect the great marketing and branding lessons he learned from these Real Estate speakers he befriended.   With several "out of the box" innovations, he quickly gained the trust and respect of all Real Estate brokers and managers in the Riverside and San Bernardino Counties as the leading real estate IT speaker.  He was one of the pioneers in content managed sites found at Deluxe Agent before Agents even knew the meaning of the terms "Web 2.0, Blogs and SEO".

In 2004, Fred helped develop a client-based free contact management system called Realty DataLink.  The Agents found this software to be very user-friendly and cost-efficient. The software differed from the average everyday farming tool because it was designed by a mind that understood both Real Estate and software development.  It is to this day one of the most dominant client-based programs used by Agents to do everyday farming and marketing and helps save them on not having monthly fees. It was at this time Fred began his great challenge for creating an online version of his solutions, which would help Agents with their every day contact management and contact radiohostfollow-up as well as proving to be so user-friendly and easy to learn that the average real estate Agent would be able to learn the solution without investing so much time into the training that goes with it.

Having received his working certificate from USC film school under the great Motion Picture and Science Professor Milton Timmons, Fred decided to help the Real Estate industry by introducing his ideas for affordable Real Estate  video tours as well as Video "Blogs" which would soon become the way of the future in Real Estate marketing and online social networking. These solutions can be found at the Real Estate Video Pros site.  He also started his own online Radio shows on Realty Talk Radio, a place to explore and discuss Real Estate marketing and branding with all the technology that fuels it all.

As an innovator and creator of over 15 years in the real estate IT business, Fred is one of Southern California's most-requested speakers, providing vital and current information to beginning and advanced REALTORS®, brokers and managers.

youthcenterHe currently resides in the sunny Palm Springs, California and continues to strive in his goals of maintaining his title of the leading Real Estate IT speaker and consultant.  As an influential character in his community, Fred regularly donates hours to Youth programs as well as acting as a judge for the Riverside Occupational Programs.  He likes to prepare the youth for the business world by teaching them the intricate solutions in computer science industry as well as teaching them how to use it for obtaining better jobs as young outstanding residents in their communities.



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