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For all those agents looking to do their own property video tours, click on this link and take a look at the following video. Now there is a prime example of how not to do a property video tour.

Streaming video is one of the greatest advances in e-marketing, but for it to work you need to do it right. In the case of this video, the entire focus of the video was on a snow laden creek. This is not something you want to show when presenting a house for sale. Keep it simple and keep it focused to the bare necessities of your property. Try to shoot when the weather is nice and sunny. If you have the capabilities, try touching up the footage and even adding a soundtrack to it.

Of course most of that technology is far beyond what the average computer user has. So we suggest hiring a professional crew to do your tours for you. You should see if there are any real estate video professionals in your area who can do an expertly done tour for an affordable price. The investment will be worth it!

Whenever you are filling out a Search or a Hotsheet there is the option to save it to your account for future use. Simply click the Save button on the tool bar or use the save features available in the Options panel. If you do not see your Options panel you may need to maximize it by clicking on the yellow plus button.

To retrieve saved searches you can click Saved Searches in the Searches menu. Likewise for saved hotsheets. You will then be able to see all your saved searches and all your saved hotsheets respectively. You can also view your saved hotsheets from your home page.

The Hotsheets feature is used to view the changing status of listings for a specific period of time. It's like looking through your own private time line for a particular area of Real Estate. To start your own Hotsheet, select Hotsheets from the Searches menu of the menu bar. You can enter a desired date range or how many days you want to look back. Next, determine which changes you would like to view in the Changes to Include options. After those two fields, the rest will be the same as a Standard search.

Once you are done make sure to save your hotsheet by using the Save Options in the Options panel towards the right of the screen. Any saved Hotsheets will be displayed on your home page for easy access. In addition, you enter a Hotsearch it will show the last date range you used. This will help you to see when you last looked through the status changes of some particular properties.

Has a coworker ever found a cool new program that has helped make their life and work easier? Have you wondered where all the techs get the latest in tools and software? Chances are they found it on is an online repository for the latest in useful programs, software and tools - many of which are free for the public to use. Simply browse through their various categories or use the search feature to find programs and tools that may help your business. is part of CNet, which is a reputable network focusing on consumer electronics and the latest in technology. They routinely conduct in-depth reviews and product testing to ensure that only the best programs are made available on There is also a very engaged audience at that regularly contributes to the site by offering ratings and comments of their own on top of the editor's picks.

Our staff at regularly visits for the latest in useful programs and tools. The sheer volume of material CNet publishes can be overwhelming at first, as is the number of software programs available on So we recommend this as a service to be used for intermediate to advanced computer users. As always, do thorough research when considering a new program and make sure it is compatible with your computer and your business.

Ever found yourself wanting more information from your Standard MLS search? Has a client asked for very specific amenities? To help get more out of your MLS searching, you will need to perform a Custom Search. This is a great way for tailoring your Desert Area MLS account to meet the needs of your personal business.

By clicking "Revise Custom Search Setup" in the Custom Search screen or going to Admin >> Custom Search Setup, you can start creating your own type of search for your MLS account. There will be two columns that will help create your custom search: the Available Fields column and the Selected Fields column. The Available Fields column will show all the different fields that are available from the MLS to be put into your new search. The Selected Fields column shows all the fields you are currently using and in what order they are displayed. To add a new field simply select a desired field from the Available Fields column and click Add. Choose what order it will be displayed by typing the number in the blank field, otherwise it will be at the end of the list. You can also remove a field by clicking on the desired field in the Selected Fields column and clicking Remove. You can easily change the order of your selection of fields by clicking on a field and using the the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change its position. Click Remove All for clear your current selection of fields.

For even more detailed fields, you can click the Additional tab. In this screen, you can add specific fields to your custom search based on property types. After you have created the search you want, make sure to save by hitting the Save button just below your menu bar. Give your search a name and now it will be saved in your account to be called on whenever you need it.

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