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I've been providing a multitude of good examples of using social networking to support and promote your business. Now it is necessary to share some of the worst examples of business social networking.

In Palm Springs, I had the opportunity to teach a seminar on how to use social networking for the benefit of your business. For all the benefits of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, if not used correctly it can be a double-edged sword. Take to heart a couple of the examples below. - Nestle poorly handles UK Greenpeace. - Director Kevin Smith is thrown off Southwest Airlines.

It is important to clearly communicate and address any issues that might arise with your business, and using social networking can be used as an effective tool or more fuel for the fire. Contact me for professional consultation on how to use social networking to the benefit of your business. We are local to the Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley area of Southern California.


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At a very productive seminar in Palm Springs we discussed the subject of social networking for business. We discussed at length the effective usage of Facebook business pages. Find some of the examples we provided in my Palm Springs seminar below. Learn by example what you can do to promote your business on a Facebook business page.


Thinking about starting a Facebook business page or already have one and feel like you aren’t utilizing it to its full potential? Consult with the Fred McCubbin for professional advice on how to use Facebook and other social networking tools to promote your business.

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Facebook Cover Photo

The Facebook timeline is going to be mandatory for Facebook business pages. One of the most notable features is the cover photo at the top of every Facebook timeline page. Before you think you can add anything in the cover photo area, you should become familiar with some guidelines that will be strictly enforced by Facebook. If you do not adhere to these guidelines FACEBOOK MAY DEACTIVATE YOUR PAGE!

Here is what you CANNOT put in your cover photo:

  • You cannot put price or purchase information. This includes “40% off” or “Download through our website”.
  • Website addresses, email addresses, mailing addresses or other direct contact information cannot be on the cover photo. This information is reserved for the About tab.
  • In the cover photo, you cannot reference user interface elements such as the Like button, Share button, or any other Facebook features.
  • You cannot give blatant calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends” on the cover photo.

The cover photo is meant to be a snapshot or personalization of your business. Use it as a means of identification rather than direct promotion.
Afraid you do not know how to utilize your business Facebook page’s cover photo correctly? Be sure to contact the New Web Experts for more information and consultation on how to make the transition into the Facebook timeline view. Schedule an appointment with us, we are local to the Palm Springs, California area and are also available for remote consultation.

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Facebook TimelineThis may not be news for regular users of Facebook, but some big changes are already in the works to update the world’s largest social network. Specifically, a new feature called the Timeline View will be rolled out as the standard view for all Facebook profiles and business pages.

In one of my latest webinar and at a seminar held in Palm Springs hosted by the Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center, we talked at length about the benefits of social networking for business. Facebook was a prime subject for our talks as it is the most popular social networking platform in the world. For those serious about promoting their business on Facebook, they will have to get to know the Timeline View and how it affects their business page.

Below is a resource provided by, and it helps clear up some misconceptions about the Timeline and how you can use it to the benefit of your business. We especially agree with revamping your social media plan, utilizing the photo cover, and backlogging past events to fill out your timeline.

Have an existing Facebook business page but don’t know how to prepare it for the new timeline view? Want to get your business started on Facebook, but don’t know the best way to start? Contact Fred McCubbin for professional consultation on improving your online marketing and using social networking to benefit your business. We are available for personal consultation in Palm Springs, CA and other areas of the Coachella Valley and Southern California.

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Twitter can be a very effective communication tool for business. Many businesses are already using it as an effective platform for communicating with their clients. During my last seminar in Palm Springs, California we had the chance to discuss the benefits of social networking for business. Twitter was a very prominent part of our discussions, and we wanted to share some good examples of business Twitter accounts. Find the examples below and see for yourself how useful Twitter can be for businesses both large and small.

Scotty Monty Ford Motor Twitter : Head of Ford’s social networking PR. Scott Monty. Scott can be seen through his Twitter account regularly communicates with followers, promoting new models, and directing followers to the latest Ford news. : Jet Blue Airlines effectively uses their Twitter account to help their business. Through it they inform followers about special offers, promotions, and discounts. : Brandie, interactive marketing manager at Luxor, Las Vegas can be found regularly on the company’s Twitter account. She retweets customer recommendations; helps guests make the most of their stay; delivers Twitter specific deals and more. : Instantly recognizable branding for the hardware store’s Twitter account. This Twitter account is a good example of solidifying brand identification and providing customer support.

Want to create a Twitter account for your business? Let the New Web Experts help by giving you the consultation you need to help make the most of Twitter for your business. We are available for personal appointments in the Palm Springs and Coachella Valley area of Southern California. Contact me today for more information.

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